Three Tips to Organize Your Garage

Do you like to work on DIY projects in your garage? If so, tackling these types of projects can be even more fun when you’re working in an organized,neat environment. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to end up with a completely organized garage. Checkout three helpful tips to get you started.

Use a Clean Trash Can for Storage

If you have an extra garbage can, clean it out and use it for storage. Turn your rakes, shovels and brooms upside down and set them in the trash can. This is also a great place for storing baseball bats, softball bats, hockey sticks and even loose golf clubs. Slide this storage can into one corner of the garage to keep it out of your way.

Store Your Summertime Items Out of Sight

When the summer season ends it’s time to put away pool toys, rafts, goggles and more. Put these items in plastic bids with lids and keep them in overhead storage cabinets. This keeps your summer items safe and you know just where they are when the swimming season rolls around again.

Label the Cabinets Above Your Workbench

The traditional arrangement for a workbench includes a row of cabinets above this work space. One way to organize your tools, supplies and other small items is to label each cabinet. Maybe you have a cabinet for small tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and pliers. Another cabinet may hold your safety goggles, gloves, face mask and more. You can either print labels on your computer or write them on blank labels from an office supply store. Be sure you cover each label with a piece of clear tape to keep the moisture away from the paper.

Finally, when you go to organize your garage be sure to do it in a gradual way. Trying to organize your entire garage in a day can be an overwhelming task. Start with one wall or row of cabinets and continue on with another area of the garage each day to stay motivated.